Alessandro Gatto handmade bags & accessories is the registered trademark in Europe. Any unauthorized use of the logo, symbol, or registered name could be legally prosecuted. AG is the legal owner of the website www.alessangrogattobags.com and of all of its contents. Any reproduction, modification, transmission, re-publication and/or re-distribution to third parties with any commercial purpose is severely prohibited without the explicit written consent of ALESSANDRO GATTO.


ALESSANDRO GATTO sells all the products that are subject to the presented general conditions.


Written by Alessandro Gatto, registered office at Torino, Via Belfiore 20 F ,  P.IVA 11578940014, indicated as ‘vendor’.







ALESSANDRO GATTO’s website and all related services are at your disposal. AG sells his products in accordance to the following regulations. We ask you the read carefully the Terms and Conditions before submitting any order at www.alessandrogattobags.com. We advise you to keep a copy of the Terms and Conditions for future reference, as they may change throughout time. If you do not accept the future modification of the Terms and Conditions do not proceed with the purchase. Any changes applied to the Terms and Conditions after a submitted order are not applied to the same or any other previous contract or order unless we are asked to do so by law.



The present Terms and Conditions, known and approved by the buyer, regulate the trade of AG products through www.alessandrogattobags.com



Any purchase of products and/or services performed through the website by a buyer, who acts as consumer, constitute a contract disciplined, besides by these Terms and Conditions, also by Capo I, Titolo III (art. 45 e ss.) del Codice del Consumo e dal D. Lgs. n. 70/2003, as they apply to it.


The presented Terms and Conditions discipline only and exclusively the purchases described above, while they do not constitute and neither consent the buyer to claim any further relationships with the seller, such as of agency, authorization to sell, administration, affiliation, partnership, obligation to sell or buy, and obligation to constitute a society between the parties.


Any modification of the Terms and Conditions must be documented, as agreed by the buyer and seller, in written form.


Any purchase of products done by a buyer who is also a consumer, will be regulated by the General Conditions and Trade, but also by the dispositions of Codice del Consumo e del D. Lgs. n. 70/2003, as they apply.




The buyer, before the conclusion of the trade, must be aware of the characteristics of the products that are illustrated in the technical descriptions published on www.alessandrogattobags.com at the moment of the selection of any products.


In order to submit any order at www.alessandrogattobags.com, the following requirements are necessary:


  • You must be an individual defined as ‘Final Client’;

  • You must be at least 18 years old of age;

  • You must have a valid email address;

  • You must have a valid debit/credit card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, a verified PayPal account, or a Bank Account.


It is pivotal to provide your full name, a valid phone number, your email address, and the other information requested as indicated above. Furthermore, you will be required to provide the payment details that you legally represent, and that you guarantee are valid and correct. Finally, you must confirm to be the person indicated within those details. 







The purchase can be finalized by the buyer exclusively within the internet network through the access at www.alessandrogattobags.com, and the effectuation of an order can be performed only in accordance to the procedures indicated in the website.


The purchase agreement is considered finalized with the acceptance of the order by AG or through a confirmation email or by a document generated by the website www.alessandrogattobags.com.


The confirmation document contains the buyer’s information, the order number, the price of the purchased products, the delivery expenses, and the delivering address to which the items will be shipped. Along with those, the buyer will receive a link to print and hold the copy of the present Terms and Conditions, as required by art. 51 comma 1 del D. Lgs 206/2005, modificato dal D. Lgs 21/2014.


AG is committed to describe and represent the products for sale on the website as best as possible. However, AG warns that photographs of the products published in the website www.alessandrogattobags.com do not constitute a contractual element, as they are only representative of the purchasable products.

Except as provided for the withdrawal of the buyer consumer, the orders properly accepted by AG cannot be cancelled without the written consent of the seller. The property of the products is transferred to the buyer once the full payment is successfully completed.


The buyer cannot re-sell the purchased products in any form, online sales included.




The items present in the website reflect the real availability of those in terms of colors and sizes. Once the order is processed by the department of E-commerce and logistics, ALESSANDRO GATTO has the right to reconfirm the availability of the merchandise and verify the validity of the transaction. The clients will be informed if, for any inconvenience, the ordered item is not available or if the order cannot be fulfilled according to the requests of the client.




The payment can be submitted securely online, by submitting and ordering through our website, confirming and guaranteeing that the payment details provided on your order are valid and correct. The payment for the purchase can be done with cards specified on our website.


The buyer accepts that with the submission of an order, he or she authorizes ALESSANDRO GATTO to charge on the debit or credit card the payment once the order if accepted.




Items are generally shipped within 3 to 4 working days from the date of payment acceptance. We ship through different carriers (POSTE ITALIANE/ BRT/ UPS/ TNT/SDA/NEXIVE) to all countries. Shipment expenses are covered by the client, and for international shipments, expenses may vary from one country to the other. All custom duties and taxes are charged to the buyer. In the case an item will be returned to Alessandro Gatto for a refused delivery without justified reason, all custom duties and taxes will be charged to buyer along with the extra delivery expenses.




AG will make sure to deliver the ordered and selected items with the type of delivery chosen by the buyer or indicated in the website at the moment of the offer of the good.


In the case the seller should not be able to deliver the order accordingly to the indicated terms of delivery, the buyer will receive an email promptly.


Once the buyer purchases one of our items, according to art. 63 del D. Lgs. 206/2005, the risk of lost or damage of the products for causes not imputable to the seller are then transferred to the buyer or a third party delegated by him or her, at the moment in which the buyer or third party physically enter into possession of the products.


The buyer must verify, at the moment of arrival of the ordered products that, (a) the number of packages corresponds to the ones ordered; (b) if the packaging is undamaged; (c) the products delivered conform the order acceptance.


The seller cannot be considered responsible for any delay or failure of deliverance of the products due to circumstances that are out of the seller’s control. The ones below are some examples, but not exhaustive of all cases: (a) incorrect, insufficient or delayed transference to the seller by the buyer of the information or necessary data for the delivery of the products; (b) difficulties to obtain raw material for the products; (c) problems connected to the products or order, or products planning; (d) Partial or total strikes, lack of electric energy, natural calamities, legal measures forced by public authorities, transportation difficulties, force majeure, such as disorders, terrorist attacks, wars; (e) delays from the carrier or deliverer.


In the case of delays that are not ascribable to the seller’s responsibility, the buyer cannot claim a refund of the payment given in advance of the shipment.





Returns can be requested within 7 days from the date the purchased product are received via email at:


Info@alessandrogattobags.com. After receiving our confirmation to return the order, you can ship it back. Your order will need to arrive 14 days from the date it has been initially received. The returning product must be unchanged, unused, not dirty, not altered and complete of all of the original packaging, and must have the certification tag still attached to it. All things included in the purchase must be included in your return package, as they are considered part of the product.


We are not obliged to accept returns that do not satisfy the conditions, which are in any case at the expenses of the client.




a) Before shipping a bag, please do follow the following instructions:


  • Try to fill the bag with paper so as to maintain the shape;

  • Put it back into its anti-dust original packaging;

  • Pack everything up in the delivery box, and fill the empty spaces with paper


b) In order to complete the process we will need some information:


  • Dimensions and size of the package

  • Your full name

  • Address for pick up

  • Valid address

  • Time available for pick up


c) As soon as we receive this information, we will send you:


  • The Shipping Tag


d) In order to send you a substitution, we will need:


  • Name and Surname

  • Delivery address

  • Valid telephone number




The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the term of 14 working days effective from the day the purchased products have been received.


Shall the buyer use the right to withdrawal from the terms indicated above, he or she must:


  • Use a withdrawal form, which conforms to the attachment B del D. Lgs. 21/2014, and send it to the seller, filled and signed, along with the products that you intend to return; after such operation the seller will receive via email a withdrawal authorization.


The products will need to be sent to Via Belfiore, 20 F - 10125 Torino, Italia.


The articles to be returned will need to be undamaged, unused, unchanged and with the original packaging, and with the tag still attached to the item.


The buyer, in this case, must cover delivery expenses.


For the shipment of the returning products, we recommend to use the original delivery packaging so as to protect the items adequately during transportation.


The seller, in the case the buyer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract, has the right not to accept the returning of products if they do not have the original tag, have been altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics, or have been damaged.


AG refunds the payments received from the consumer, without delay and within 30 days from the date it has been informed of the decision of the consumer to withdrawal from the contract.


AG, after having received the products, and verified the integrity of those, will refund the buyer only of the price of the product.




We have done everything we could to visualize as precisely as possible the colours of our products that appear on www.alessandrogattobags.com.



Nevertheless, since computer monitors may vary, we cannot guarantee that the way your monitor portrays images is fully accurate.


ALESSANDRO GATTO refrains from all responsibility due to a particular client’s computer configuration or of any malfunctioning with regards to colour definition.




The buyer is committed not to violate any rights of the seller on the trademarks, intellectual property, nor of the rights of the owner, if different from the seller.


The buyer cannot: (i) utilize or register trademarks, firm, denomination or business name, domain names, or any distinctive sign, similar marks, similar and/or mistakable with the trademarks; (ii) utilize or register design, models inventions, works, that are identical, similar or in conflict with the intellectual property rights.


It is explicitly prohibited from the buyer to remove, suppress, or alter the marks or other distinctive signs put on the products, as well as putting any new marks, distinctive signs of any nature. 




Italian law regulates any contract finalized through www.alessandrogattobags.com.


For any controversy relative to validity, efficacy, interpretation, or execution of each and every contract, i.e. relative to the activity of the buyer to browse the website and to utilize any functions made available by the seller through the website, the exclusive and competent court is Turin’s, except for the court of the residence or elective domicile of the buyer who acts as consumer, according to the Codice del Consumo.